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After reading an overview of Tartine Bakery’s approach to whole grain breads and advantages of using overnight plus same day leavening agents for baguettes I am putting it to the test. I used a combination of overnight polish (flour, water + scant commercial yeast), same day poolish and my wonderful natural yeast. This combination should add flavor and leavening power to the final bake. For the flour I used a combination of ground farro, all purpose, and einkorn whole grain wheat flours. Another new approach I picked up from Tartine Book 3 is to mellow the bitterness of whole grain flours by letting the flour, leavening and water rest at room temperature overnight . So here is my blend doing its resting and sweetening I hope.

Tomorrow I’ll add the salt and warm it up to bulk fermentation for the day. Then it’s on to form the loaves, final rise then cool in the ridge till I bake in the morning. As an homage to my Croation and Serbian friends I’m going to attempt a nut filled baguette. On my last trip my chocolate filled babka baguette was a disaster. I hope this Povitisa baguette ends up better. Till then.

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