While not delivering 2/2-2/12/17, I'll be investigating how to nurture long fermenting natural y

My little mess of a mass here, left cooling overnight, did remove any bitterness from the whole grains I put in. Yeah! So I can now pursue whole wheat baguettes when I get back. Sorry, but there is no gluten free baguette in my universe. Gluten is what makes a baguette hold its shape. It's always a challenge to create a steam oven and stone-like base when I travel but this one worked pretty well. Margaret's suggestion that I leave the oven closed for the whole bake did improve my top cuts but they weren't exactly wings. I think my own oven will be the true test. This oven was electric versus my gas oven so I felt I couldn't control a constant temp.

I was very happy with my Povitisa Croatian bread. The filling is ground walnuts, sugar, lemon, vanilla and re-hydrated pasteurized egg white powder. It wasn't too gooey and didn't weigh down the bread too much. But it gave it a great added flavor which I will repeat when home. It still has a baguette shape and the egg powder is way more safe than working with raw egg product. I look forward to sharing it with my customers after I make sure my neighborhood focus group gives it a thumbs up.

My starters keep bubbling away so today I will take my long fermenting husband to a 4 star cocktail establishment (aka fermentation laboratory) in Point Arena. We both can't believe it actually exists. I'll report on that tomorrow.

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