While not delivering 2/2-2/12/17, I'll be investigating how to nurture long fermenting natural y

This week's focus is on my preferment/starter to see if I can alter the flavor profile by grabbing this wonderful NoCal wild yeast.

I brought 4 starters of varying age to see if I can alter their flavor. Some need to be more sour and some need to be just different. The mother starters were left at home so I'm adding to my collection. Leaving the glasses open to the air coming in thru the window will add micro-friends to digest the flour and have already created a lot of bubbles just overnight.

Today I visited my favorite bakery up here called Two Fish Baking Company. Margaret Smith, the baker, has always been supportive of my efforts and given me great advice. She taught me to let my dough rest more often...worked wonders...and makes a great tasting baguette with the same local natural yeast source. Well, she disagrees with Mathew at Tartine on how to avoid "blowout" of my top wing cuts since she agreed with me that backing off the natural yeast will reduce our shared flavor profile. Her thoughts: Why not try working with the oven baking process? After making the cut, load as many baguettes as possible until the temperature drops to 425 then stop until the bake is done. By not re-opening the door the steam and heat will bake the outside of the baguette consistently...that word again...and the wing cut will form quickly and keep. Sounds good to me although my baking process will take longer.

Two Fish Baking Company took over operating the Stewarts Point General Store and doing a bang up job according to their Facebook page: Stewarts Point Store. Check it out for amazing photos and if you travel this far north. Tomorrow, although it's game day, I'm visiting the store and Margaret will give me a tour of her new kitchen there. Can't wait!

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