While not delivering 2/2-2/12/17, I'll be investigating how to nurture long fermenting natural y

I have to report 3 amazing things about Point Arena CA: there are 2 cocktail establishments that also serve food mid-day to evening; the locals are very active in bettering their community; and I got to sample this wonderful whole wheat bread from Roseman Creek Ranch sold by Bird Cafe.

Comparing their bread this morning with my whole wheat baguette, theirs has a bit more salt, the crust undulates with some seed I couldn’t decipher; and the overall crust is evenly crunchy probably from the brick oven they use. I was proud that mine held up to the comparison.

This completes my bread research trip. The starters are safely put away in the fridge getting ready for the flight home with hopefully no explosions out of the bottle en route. A wonderful storm is kicking up the ocean but we’ll miss the moon and comet display tonight as a result. Deliveries resume Sunday and I look forward to sharing my new recipes with my loyal customers.

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